Seifer, Yeats, Zwierzynski & Gragg, LLP’s practice focus is generally civil and commercial law, including counsel and advice, transactional work, dispute avoidance and resolution, and litigation in state and federal courts and before local, state, and federal administrative tribunals. Approximately 85% of our daily practice is in the field of public and private construction and design law. In fact, we are commonly recognized for our work in these areas, as demonstrated by two of our attorneys serving as Chairs of the Oregon State Bar’s Construction Law Section and another currently serving as the Chair-elect. We also have significant practice and experience in commercial real estate law.

The nature of our practice has shaped our philosophy of service. Most of our clients are local or regional businesses actively working in an incredibly competitive industry. They count on our firm not just to provide excellent legal service on specific projects, but also to manage their day-to-day legal needs.

Therefore, we are highly responsive, prompt, and successful, yet assure that the associated costs are controlled. Wherever practical, we negotiate and mediate cases to achieve a settlement in a timely and cost-effective manner. When a fair and equitable resolution cannot be achieved, we aggressively pursue proper remedies for our clients through the litigation process. We believe this philosophy is proven by demonstrated results.

Construction Law

Our firm works with contractors, owners, developers, architects, engineers, construction managers, subcontractors, and suppliers across the construction and design industry. We have worked on major public and private construction projects across North America, including airports, convention centers, factories, stadiums, schools, industrial facilities, office buildings, shopping centers, high and mid-rise condominiums, apartment buildings, and other public buildings. We assist our clients from contract formation through project buyout and administration and, when necessary, in mediation, arbitration, and litigation. Additionally, we assist owners and designers in procurement, public bidding, and proposals. We even wrote the book on the topic—our firm edited and authored several chapters of the Oregon State Bar’s Construction Law practice guide. Whether you are using AIA, EJCDC, or project-specific forms, our experience allows us to recognize and allocate the risks associated with construction.

Construction Liens and Bond Claims

From its inception, construction lien and bond claims have been a fundamental practice area at our firm. We possess a considerable level of specialized knowledge that allows us to ensure that lien and bond claims are properly perfected and foreclosed or to identify deficiencies to avoid improper claims. We also work with contractors and owners during construction to ensure that appropriate project administration occurs to avoid unexpected liens and claims during closeout. While prosecuting or defending a construction lien claim is a technical undertaking, we possess the experience to identify the best course of action to avoid and promptly resolve these disputes. Our extensive experience in this area has led to our attorneys frequently writing materials and speaking on the topic, including co-authoring the chapter for the Oregon State Bar’s practice guide.

Bid Disputes and Protests

Seifer, Yeats, Zwierzynski & Gragg, LLP has successfully represented contractors in literally hundreds of bid disputes and protests with local, state, and federal governmental agencies. Bid protests involve quick decisions with meaningful effects on the bottom line; large projects can be lost or won in very short time spans. We understand the process and time constraints associated with bid disputes. Our familiarity with the construction industry allows us to quickly and efficiently analyze the likelihood of success with a bid protest and, when warranted, to timely prosecute a protest that preserves our clients’ rights to be awarded work under a public contract.

Insurance Law

Seifer, Yeats, Zwierzynski & Gragg, LLP, is well versed in all types of insurance and has substantial experience with commercial general liability (CGL) policies, owner-controlled insurance programs (OCIP), contractor-controlled insurance programs (CCIP), professional liability, and builder’s risk policies. Recognizing the interplay between the industry-standard forms and project-specific endorsements, confirming the intended allocation of loss in contracting and subcontracting, and utilizing insurance to manage project risk is an everyday facet of our practice. We provide strategic coverage advice to clients and represent them throughout the process, often serving as coverage counsel.

Commercial Real Estate Law

Seifer, Yeats, Zwierzynski & Gragg, LLP is a premier real estate firm in Oregon. Our representation extends to all aspects of real estate transactions in virtually every property type and all levels of complexity. These services include real estate development, acquisition, disposition, financing, leasing, environmental and hazardous waste, construction, zoning, and land use. Our large and active real estate practice allows us to offer a wide range of expertise to our clients. We represent developers, investors, lenders, and business owners in the acquisition, development, financing, sale, and leasing of real estate.

Government Contracts

Seifer, Yeats, Zwierzynski & Gragg, LLP is recognized as an industry leader in the field of government contracts and procurement. We have extensive experience with the Court of Federal Claims, the Civilian Board of Contract Appeals, the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals, and a long history of achieving our client’s objectives even in the most complex and difficult circumstances. We have litigated cases involving dams, VA projects, forestry projects, tank projects, dry-docks, dredging, military housing, false claims act cases, and runways. We are proud to serve both large and small businesses in their dealings with the federal government, and each of our lawyers has a strong background in government contracts. We understand how the process works and achieve significant results at costs recognized as a true value.